Bail mobilité and urssaf

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I have a meuble de tourisme classe. Normally I rent by the week and I believe that the maximum rental term I can rent for is 90 days. In November I was approached by a young gentleman who had a 10 month contact in a local hospital - a stagiaire. For ease of mind I gave him a 90-day contact as I was not sure about the right contact or whether I could accommodate him for his full term.  Now he wants to stay on for the next 7 months and due to covid I am willing to accommodate him. I believe the contact I give him is a bail mobilité for the next 7 months? If so I have a number of questions. How do I declare to Urssaf? What are the cotisation rates and what heading do I declare them under? Do I have to add an activity exercised and if so how do I do it?

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