Background and initial micro-entrepreneur business setup?

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I ran my own business which I could continue to do so at some level or another in France as I work from a home office in the UK.

We had intended that we would start a free range smallholding keeping goats (dairy and angora), chicken and bees. In addition grow vegetables and fruits. The intention is to sell surplus produce and to sell the angora fleece to one of Michele’s friends in the UK who has a hobby craft business and would be very interested in taking the fleeces – or spinning herself and hand knitted baby products sold online. In addition in summer she may offer bed and breakfast

  1. Is there a lower limit to earnings of a micro entrepreneur… below what level would it be viewed as a hobby business? The most likely way to sell the produce (goats milk yoghurt, honey and baked items using both) would be on a market stall – which I understand to do so you need to register as a micro-entrepreneur. We do not anticipate any earnings for the first few years as livestock will be purchased, flocks and hives established etc. Earnings after that time would be around the 6,000 euros to 8,000 euros.
  2. Which classification of micro-entrepreneur would this fall under. Would baked products require any specific artisan requirements. One possibility we are in the early stages of considering is private healthcare insurance – which I think we would require if we were classified as non EU residents and would have to apply for a residents visa.
  3. If private healthcare insurance is in place – does this affect social charges?
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