Auto entrepreneur tax rates according to the activity

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The social charges tax rates for auto-enrepreneurs varies according to trade specifics. For a portable Events bar, what category would I fall under and is there any other charges to be accounted for other than those shown below.

Trade = 12% for social charges + 1 % if you opt for the income tax paid at source
If I earn 1000 Euro’s as a Trade business I would take home 870 and pay 130 in tax ?

Crafts and manual services 21.3% + 1.7% for income tax
If I earn 1000 Euro’s as a Craft and manual services I would take home 770 and pay 230 in tax?

Intellectual professions (profession liberale) 18.3% + 2.2% for income tax
If I earn 1000 Euro’s as an Intellectual professional I would take home 795 and pay 205 in tax ?

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