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I’m transitioning my business from a UK Limited Company to a new French Auto-Entrepreneur entity which is now active (non-TVA for the moment). I’m an app developer and the vast majority of the revenue is from subscriptions in iOS apps I distribute via Apple’s App Store. I’m trying to figure out the best approach for my Auto-Entrepreneur banking.

Currently Apple makes payments to my UK business bank account but I hope I will be able to get them to change that to my French Auto-Entrepreneur business bank account in the very near future. I have a UK based partner on the app that generates the bulk of my revenue and he is paid a revenue share. I may also have need to take payments from the UK, so having a setup that provides excellent (i.e. good rate, low fees, fast transfers) GBP


Euro facility is important to me.

For my personal banking I’ve been using Wise for a number of years and am very happy with it. Their business account looks almost perfect for what I need as it will provide me with both a GBP sort code & account number and a Euro IBAN - as far as I can tell having a Belgian IBAN won’t cause me any issues in the near future…

So questions…

1) Do you foresee there being any issues with me doing all my auto-entrepreneur banking via Wise?
2) Are there any advantages to setting up a “primary” business bank account like with Qonto and then using a Wise business account as a “middle man” for any currency conversions I will need to do? I expect I would basically keep the Wise account balances at zero and move money in or out when required. Is there any issue with holding and using two business bank accounts like this?

Many thanks!

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