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Thank you for this website, it’s great. I signed up with the N26 bank based on your recommendation of it in the blog, and it’s working out well so far.

I would like some advice with regard to micro enterprise admin & tax declaration questions.

I set up as an Auto Entrepeneur one year ago and work as a travel consultant & writer. When I bill my clients I charge my consultation service fee, plus include the cost of things I book for them on their behalf, eg their hotels, museums and train tickets. Being as that is not essentially money earned, but rather it’s their travel costs…would I need to declare that amount of money too as turnover in my quarterly cotisations. As an example, an invoice might say €600 but €300 of which would be my services and the rest would be for tickets.

I’m not sure whether being AE is best or if another regime maybe would have made more sense in my circumstances.

I use Stripe as a payment platform and then send that money to a UK current account, simply as it’s eligible for instant payouts and so in other words it clears immediately/faster. I then send that fund over to my N26 business account. So far the amount is less than 10k a year and the UK account is simply used as a vessel for smooth logistically reasons. I’m not sure if that’s good practice or complicates anything. It’s all declared in my taxes and not an aid to disguise anything, of course. It’s simply smoother as Stripe to a UK account clears instantly whereas to an EU bank it takes much longer 5-8 days. I was also thinking of setting up a UK ltd co as I may be working more with British clients going forward, so maybe setting that up and working with dividends might work, based on another thread I read here in the forum.

On that note, Is that ok to declare the money in my N26 acc or do I have to declare stripe as a platform as well?

Also, re UK account if I already pay money on that in my quarterly cotisations, do I then have to declare it again as foreign earnings in my annual declaration or no because I’ve already declared that in cotisations, if that makes sense.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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