Auto Certification de Residence Fiscale

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I have received a form from the bank entitled Auto Certification de Residence Fiscale requesting NIF (numéro d’identification fiscale) for any countries I am fiscally resident in. 

I live in France and am currently applying for my carte vitale and social security numbers.  I am not currently paying income tax in France but will be as soon as I can.  I have also not paid any income tax in the UK in this tax year (since March) and will be spending very little time there (occasional weekends/ holidays).

Can you advise me on how to complete this form.  Should I still give the UK as my fiscal residence giving my National Insurance number as it is the only country I have paid income tax in, should I now put France as I am spending the majority of the year here even though I do not yet have a NIF, or should I list both?

Thank you in advance for any advice you could give me.

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