At what point can you start work as a micro entrepreneur

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I’m wondering at what point I can “legally” start working as a microentrepreneur? I am moving to France permanently from the UK on 19 April and will likely ask you to register me. On your webpage on that subject you say “You receive a business attestation from INSEE in the post (L’Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques)... normally after two weeks. The attestation is confirmation that your business has been successfully registered and you can start work”.

I’m guessing that means what it says — work can only start after receiving the attestation, but I wanted to check because I have read (somewhere!) that you need to register within 15 days of starting, which suggests you could start work in parallel with registering. I don’t mind either way, but as I will be “porting” my existing work (as a translator) over to France, I want to let my clients know if there needs to be a gap between finishing in the UK and starting in France.

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