Are there benefits in being a seasonal activity?

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I originally set up as a micro-entrepreneur with my gîte registered as a chamber d’hôte.  I amended this effective 1/4/2019 to revert to being just a gîte, which means that I now only have to declare the income to impots rather than for social security deductions which is fine.  However, because I rent out my gîte all year around it has been registered as a permanent activity rather than seasonal.

I’m not sure I understand the implications of this and whether it will means that the property doesn’t qualify as a meuble de tourisme?  I want to get it classified so this would be an issue.  I also don’t know if there are any tax advantages in being a seasonal rather than permanent business?  The income during the winter isn’t huge (especially when one takes into account the fuel bills) so I could easily close for 3 months without much impact if it is worthwhile to do so for any other reason.

Many thanks

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