Are invoices and a list of expenses required for a gite business in France?

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  1. Do invoices have to be produced for each gite business bookings in France? If so,
    1. a deposit is paid when the gite is booked followed by a final payment nearer to the rental date, can I just show the total on the invoice?
    2. the payments will probably span more than three months so will be on different déclaration trimestrielle, does this matter?
    3. is there any wording or information that has to be included on the invoice, e.g. SIREN?
  2. Do I have to keep a record of expenses that relate to the gite? I had assumed that this was not required because there is a fixed limit and no opportunity to claim expenses under the micro-entrepreneur business, but reading through other questions it looks as though people have been advised to keep details of expenses.
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