Application for long stay visa

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I am British with a home in France. My husband is British and a French resident.

I had a 6 month visa which expired in May and I have returned to the UK.

I would like to apply for a one year visa, with a view to residency. 

I have read that I have to wait until six months after the expiry of my previous visa before applying again.

I am trying to find out what is the official date of application for a visa: (1) the day that I complete the application form on website; (2) the date of the appointment at the TLS contact centre, or (3) the date that the application is received by the French Consulate in London?

I have asked TLS for this information and they advised me to email the Consulate. That email bounced back with a generic response.

Could you advise on this or point me to someone who can, please?

Many thanks

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