AirBnb, cafe and Chateau lettings - business structure and regulations.

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Hi Valerie,

I’m an Australian (with a UK passport) and my girlfriend is English (with an Italian passport), we’ve moved over to my parents’ property in Indre-et-Loire in October and set up one of the smaller buildings on the property as an AirBnb (3 bedrooms, sleeps max. 8). We share a joint “wage” from my parents’ SCI as acting gardians and gardeners, but the AirBnb has been very successful so far and our booking income will be over 15k Euro by the end of the year, which is almost as much as our joint wage. We’ve committed to staying on and working on the project so for this first part we need to know what we should do to register our business and income and whether we should try to get the carte vital or SIRET.

1. Is our AirBnb income regarded to be our primary income? Are we then considered professionals?
2. If we pay tax on the AirBnb income should we also pay tax on the wage from my parents?
3. What are the general residency things we should register for ie. carte vital?

The next part of the project is to open a cafe on site, initially just for guests. I roast coffee, make kombucha, sauces, beer and elderberry wine, and would like to stock these from time to time as well as other products that guests might want to buy.

1. Do we have to declare anything?
2. Do I need artisanal certifications to sell people my own products?
3. Can I sell on other products or bottles of wine or spirits to guests?
4,5,6… If I wanted to open the doors to passing trade, what do I need to do?

We now also have the opportunity to list the main Chateau on the property. There are more than 5 bedrooms and we could accommodate more than 15 guests in that building.

1. How do we apply for and what are the implications of a hotel licence?
2. If we use only 5 bedrooms and accommodate less than 15 guests in that building, will it be considered separate to the smaller AirBnb on the property that already has 3 bedrooms?

Thank you in advance for navigating this convoluted situation!


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