Agricultural holding and Business startup?

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My husband and I will be moving to Limousin later this month.  At this stage, we would appreciate some general advice on a couple of topics if we may.

  1. When we completed the purchase of our house last week it was suggested to us that we should register the property as an agricultural holding(?) - this would apparently mean that we would be notified if any property or land became available for sale in the area.  The total land area of our property covers just over 4ha. We will be keeping horses on the land and, ultimately, our plans include chickens / ducks, and possibly a couple of sheep at some point in the future.
  2. I am currently self employed in the UK as an Equine Behaviourist, Trainer and Instructor. I intend to continue this business as I will be going back to the UK regularly for a few days at a time to continue assisting my UK clients.  I would like to develop my business in France also, however.  What is the best way to go about doing this? Run two businesses (one in the UK and one in France), or consolidate both into one business that is set up in France?
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