AE registration completed - advice required with the next steps

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On moving to France I employed the services of a hand-holding service with the agreement they would advise me on setting up as an Auto-entrepreneur, collate and prepare documentation so I could submit an application. They would also register me on the relevant health care system and assist me with how to declare income and submit social charges/tax for the first 3 months.

The AE application was submitted in December and a couple of weeks I received my Extrait kbis. A friend checked the infogreffe website and said I was set up with a start date 1st Jan 2020. 

After xmas, I contacted the hand-holding service to find out the next steps with regards to registering for health care and the process of declaring income and paying tax/social charges.  But as of yet, I have not had a reply to any emails.  The end of January is fast approaching and I am concerned I still do not know what i need to do. I have only completed a small amount of work (60€ cash) but need to ensure I declare it properly.

Can you let me know the process to register for health care and how to declare my income?

currently, i am worried, confused and feeling overwhelmed

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