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Hi Valerie,

I currently have a Chambre d’Hotes / Tables d’Hotes registered as enterprise individuelle (micro enterprise)  in activity since 2004.
Due to COVID19 our reservations have been cancelled and I am looking to quickly add an additional activity to the business. In a previous life I have been in IT and web development and see an opportunity that I can pursue. The CCI have told me I can add an additional activity by just logging onto the greffe and making an online change (chargeable). I am ready to do this but want to make sure this is ok and ask if there are any other proceedures or changes that I need to be aware of. This could be temporary during the crisis so the CdH remains my principal business, but if it goes well then I may wish to change in the years to come.

I understand that 12.8% of the turnover of this additional activity would also be taken in social charges is that right?

Would be interested to hear your comments and any if there are any people I would need to inform. Thank you.

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