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I am already registered as a micro-enterprise via USSAF as a writer / blogger.

I would like to add ‘garden maintenance’ (grass cutting, hedge trimming, weed clearance) as a secondary activity. This will not include landscaping or decking as I don’t want to register to do the SPI course with Chambre de Metiers.

I’ve read on previous posts you suggest “Entretien de jardins et d’espaces verts” is registered via Chambre de Commerce.

- Can you confirm this still correct?
- Do you know the APE code for this activity?

I’ve been told by URSSAF I can update my activity via the portal. However, I have two issues:

- 1. it isn’t clear in doing this I am adding a second activity - instead, it seems as though I am updating my main activity. Do you know if this is the case, or how I can make clear on the form that I want to ADD an activity?

- 2. I cannot find in the list which option to choose. There are many options / and sub options, but none seem to apply. Do you have any advice on the best to select?

Hope you’re able to help. Thanks in advance.

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