Activites as part of micro-entrepreneur: artist and gite

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In March you registered our gîtes/chambre d’hôtes business for me.  Around the same time I registered myself with URSSAF as an artist, as I needed to have registration to obtain 3rd party insurance so that I could reserve a place on a local market.

My artist business ‘landed’ first and I received the SIREN/SIRET numbers.  When the gîtes business was registered the same SIREN/SIRET were used and the activity was modified to the gîtes.

I have received the form from URSSAF for the declaration trimestrielle de chiffre d’affaires and the activities listed on it seem to refer to my art business.

I want to cease the chambre d’hôte activity and just operate as a gîte (which requires no registration here).

My initial questions are:

  1. Is there any way to see which activities are attributed to me as a micro-entrepreneur?
  2. If I cease the chambre d’hôte activity will my SIREN/SIRET automatically revert to my artistic activity?
  3. Why does the URSSAF declaration form seem to refer to my art income not the chambre d’hôte income - should I receive 2?
  4. I understand that it is a requirement to have a separate bank account - is that per micro-entrepreneur or per activity?

Many thanks!

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