A sensible business structure when offering multiple services

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There are two of us, my wife and I, and we are extremely keen to be fully integrated into the french system as soon as possible. 

We recently purchased a house that we are renovating and converting to a chambre d’hôte. It is extensive costly work that, on the whole, we will be doing ourselves.  It should be open to some extent by next summer.  Eventually we will have 5 rooms to let, with extensive facilities for disabled people.

I have recently stopped work in the UK, and now live here as our main residence.

We intend to earn an income using a number of our skills across a number of channels.

Initially during the construction phase of the chambre d’hôte, our income will be very small as our main focus will be on our own building work. 

My question is, what might be a sensible business structure for the two of us bearing in mind that we will have a very large capital outlay on the chambre d’hôte, no income from that for at least 9 months, and very small income, a least initially, from the additional 4 services you will see listed below?

There are 5 services that we intend to offer between us:
1. IT Consultancy and support
2. Building/Handyman services
3. Domestic assistance
4. Gardening Services
5. Chambre d’hôte

Thank you

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