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Anna I M
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I’m based in France and tax resident here since end of 2020. Set up as an auto entrepreneur, which I’m now changing to SASU. I’ve been told by an accountant that they want all my business income and outgoings to go in and out of a dedicated French business bank account.
This causes a problem for me, as I have several clients who prefer paying into my UK account. As long as I present my French accountant with an invoice and proof of which bank account it was paid into, is that not enough?

I could, I guess, forward the money from my UK to my French business account. But… I pay regularly for business-related costs in the UK so I’d rather pay from my UK account (and again keep the receipts and be able to show clearly on a bank statement which accounts it was paid from.) Otherwise, I’ll be paying money ‘back and forward’ on a regular basis, which seems unnecessary and complicated as well as bank charges back and forward.
So… I guess my question is: does it matter where income and expenses are paid in and out from, as long as I keep a clear paper trail; invoices, receipts, bank statements, etc.?

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