2023 French income tax return - do you need to have filed your UK tax return first or not?

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I’m just looking at the 2023 French income tax return. 

In the past I’ve had a UK accountant do my UK return as soon as the UK FY ended (5th April), then passed this straight to a French accountant to file my French income tax return by the May deadline. 

The French accountant said it was necessary to have the UK one done first to have the figures. 

I’m hoping to do both myself this year, but I just found out that there is a delay of a few weeks for the paper forms to arrive from the UK.  I hadnt realised, but it is not possible to file it online if you are a non-UK tax resident and not an accountant.

The forms will arrive mid to end of May - so cutting it v fine regarding the French income tax deadline. 

My questions are: 

1. can you please clarify the deadline for the French income tax return? I live in Ariege (09) and believe it is the 25th of May bu wanted to double check this.

2. Regarding my UK income - do I just need the gross or net total (which I have already) to be able to include this in the French tax return?

Or do I need the UK return actually completed and filed for some reason, prior to filling in my French return?

I am unsure as this is what my French accountant asked for, but I would have thought I could just fill in the UK earning totals without having yet completed the UK return.

This impacts on whether I continue the route of trying to do both myself, or opt-out and take the easy/ expensive route of passing it over to a uk and french accountant again if the UK one must be filed prior and thus the timeline won’t work out.

I hope this is clear enough!

Many thanks in advance - always super appreciate your guidance!

Have a great day

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