2 part auto-entrepreneur question

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First off, a bit of background on my business. Years ago I started off as an auto-entrepreneur, I was eventually radiée from that status due to going over the previous turnover limit. However, I requested URSAFF In December last year to be returned to auto entrepreneur status as of 2019 and they agreed. My two questions are:

1. Where do I declare my auto entrepreneur revenue now? I logged into net-entreprise as I used to do in the past and they say no declarations are expected from me at this time. I asked URSSAF what to do, but as usual they’re either very slow, or don’t reply. What should I do?

2. I received mail from URSSAF asking me to tell them 2018’s Chiffre d’affaires so they can calculate my cotisations. The number I should give them is the amount PREtax, is this correct?

Thanks for your help!

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