What procedure to follow to register as an auto-entrepreneur?

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Regarding my previous post about setting up as AE to do property maintenance.

  1. I have met someone doing exactly the work that I have proposed to do,  only he is registered as Prestation d’homme toutes mains (ne necessitant pas de qualification) through the Chambre de Metiers. Is this the same classification as the ‘autres service personnels’ that you suggested?
  2. What is the exact procedure I need to follow to set myself up as a AE either as ‘aux service personnel’s’ or ‘presentation d’homme toutes mains’.
  3. Do I first register on http://www.auto-entrepreneur.fr, hen once I have received my Siret no etc , register with my local chamber de metiers and then attend the stage préalable à l’installation.

I apologise for being dithery. There are a lot of forms to complete and I’d like to make sure that I fill in the correct ones!

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