Turnover allowance for auto-entrepreneur with several activities?

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“You can have several activities under the same auto-entrepreneur. Your overall turnover will be 81,600 euros, with a cap of 32,600 euros for the pottery (taxed at 24.6% of your turnover) and the remaining amount for the gite taxed at 14%.”

Hi Valerie,

You have been answering my questions on another thread but I couldn’t seem to add this to it. I have three different activities under the same auto-entrepreneur so does that mean I also am eligible to earn up to 81,600? At the Chambre de Metiers the lady said 32,000?

I think I may need to go back and try to discuss with her because the way things look now, I will not make enough to pay my fonciers never mind live on after the costs and charges.

Is there generally room for discussion with the CDM? If i dropped one of my activities (the one that puts me under the CDM) would I be able to change to Chambre de Commerce?

Its a real dilema now, I don’t know what to do. No point working to turn over €32,000 and only actually gaining €4,000.

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