Tax on gites?

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My wife and I have been running a gite for 3 years which is a separate building in the grounds of our main home. This year we were given a siret number for the gite which has always been registered as a micro bic. We have received a letter from the tax office with an estimated bill for €233 for tax professonnelle, we questioned the tax office about this and were told it is just another tax.

This is our sixth year running a gite, 3 at a previous property, 3 at our present. We have not had this tax before. We have just received our tax fonciere which has gone up by 50% to €1500. €457 of that is for the gite, again we have not been billed for this in previous years. We have not had a bill for tax habitation yet, I shudder to think what that will be. Our income from the gite is around €12,000. My question is does all this sound correct?

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