Statut du dirigeant with a SASU

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Hi I am completing my business plan before I approach a new accountant and need to state the Statut du dirigeant, and option fiscale.  If I have a SASU and don’t take a salary - only dividends, what are is my Statut du dirigeant, and option fiscale.  I have researched online, and with a combination of my limited French and not yet understanding business terminology, I’m not clear.  Would it be TNS for the Statut du dirigent? and le régime de la déclaration contrôlée (BNC) et régime de la franchise de TVA for the option fiscale?  (Or do I just write BNC here?)
Also, if I work from home, would I be liable for, CFE, Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises?

Many Thanks.

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