P2-P4 Change of Address Form

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I moved house in August and am just now filling out the P2-P4 form. Since I don’t have an office, do I only fill out Section 3 and not Section 6? Since I’ve waited so long, will there be a problem if I put the move date as August 2017? Or should I just put today’s date? RSI has already been notified and has updated my address.

In Section 3, it asks again for my name. Do I leave this blank since I’m not changing it and just fill out the portion that says Date de modification du domicile personnel? There is nowhere to put my old address, but I guess they don’t need that info? Assuming I leave the rest of the form blank, just filling in Sections 1, 3 (new address only), 10 (signature).

Thanks for confirming. 

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