Micro-Entrepreneur and SASU at the same time?

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I’m currently registered as a Micro-Entrepreneur Commerçant in France. Can I start a SASU, alongside, to pursue another business venture of mine?

Reasons for considering SASU:

  1. Getting the ability to deduct expenses (hiring people, SAAS subscriptions, marketing costs etc).
  2. Better legal structure by separating personal assets from company assets.
  3. Ability to use a commercial name instead of personal name for my SASU business.
  4. Raising investments at a later stage.
  5. If this combination is possible, I can live off my AE income while taking yearly dividends from my SASU business

I read this article which mentions it is possible have an auto-entrepreneur and SASU at the same time. I’ll be thankful for your views on this.

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