Is our doctor choice registered on our account

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As with most things,  once my husband became a micro entrepreneur we had to redo the process for our Carte Vitale registration.  I am just unsure if they have registered our doctor choice and want to check this before contacting them (again).

  1. I have just had reimbursement for an x ray last Wednesday so know the card works!  But the doctors visit the week before I have received nothing yet I paid €25. He did not give me any form to send off so assumed it was noted on the card he was my chosen doctor.
  2. It states “A déclaré un médecin traitant ”  when I check the account and assumed it meant “has declared a doctor” is that right?
  3. If I did get the above correct it may mean I updated the card before it was registered.

Just wondered if you could verify the wording I mentioned or whether it actually means to de a doctor and they haven’t sorted the form we sent back in February.
Thanks you

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