Impot form further to change of business address

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I received this form from Impost after sending in a change of address notification after moving house. Is all this info really necessary just because I moved? I only work at the computer. They are asking:

Situation des locaux (bâtiment, étage):

  • Numéro de lot dans la copropriété:
  • Précedent occupant:
  • Superficie totale des locaux en m2:
  • ? (Not sure of past occupant. Seems weird to ask this. What is Situation des locaux? My computer is in a room in the house.)

Detail (en m2) de l’affectation de la superficie à usage:

  • Professionnel
  • Industriel
  • Commercial
  • D’habitation ? (Assuming I answer d’habitation here)

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