How to register as a blogger and/or teacher in France?

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We intend to open a gite or chamber d’hotes in France next year, but renovations are taking longer than expected. So my partner and I want to get registered ‘into the system’ now with other activities as micro-entrepreneurs, so we can obtain a carte vitale and apply for a carte de sejour before Brexit next March (we’re UK citizens).

  1. I would like to register as a blogger/vlogger/digital creator to publish articles and videos on my own and others’ websites. What is the French classification for this and and which body would this be registered with - i.e. URSSAF?
  2. If I register now, can I add my wife - if we get married later in the year - to my carte vitale? Can this be done retrospectively or does it have to be done a the time of registration?
  3. If not, my partner has a music degree and PGCE teaching qualification and would like to offer private music lessons - either in person to the local community, or online via Skype etc. What qualifications are needed, which body is this registered with, and does she have to specify ‘music teacher’ or can ‘teacher’ be sufficient?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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