Health coverage - change from CDI contract to auto entrepreneur status during the year

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I have a question regarding the health coverage.  My situation is as follows:

I have been employed under CDI contract (part time) for 2 years and simultaneously has been leading my consulting business as an auto- entrepreneur. I left the company for which I was on CDI in the middle of the year (August 2017) and now is working “full time”  as a consultant under auto-entrepreneur status. While I was an employee, I had been linked to assurance maladie Yvelines plus Mutuelle Henner (from the employer), which were covering my health expenses.

Once my CDI was terminated, I received a letter from Mutuelle, saying that they will not be covering my expenses anymore.

  1. I have health expenses accumulated since August and is wondering if assurance maladie Yvelines will partially cover them?
  2. Or what should I do now – contact RSI?
  3. With the new changes in 2018 (in several months RSI will not be existing anymore and auto-entrepreneur will be under the general regime as other employees),  what will be the best approach for me?



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