Clarification about business activity code

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As per your replies of 11 and 12 Sept, we have again looked at registration via Unfortunately, we are still having a problem. When starting the process, we have chosen Domaine d’activité Internet.

We have then selected Choisissez votre activité - Commercialisation d’espaces publicitaires sur des sites internet. This was chosen as it will be the operation of a website that sells ‘A/V’ adverts - similar to Are we correct in assuming, therefore, that Commercialisation d’espaces publicitaires sur des sites internet is the most appropriate activité in this case?

Doing this, the registration site automatically selects Activités Commerciales. Is this correct?

If this is the case, are any of your answers to my questions of the 11th September now different? 

Hope you can help!

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