Changing from auto entrepreneur to another structure

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I would like to know whether it would be financially interesting for me to change from an auto entrepreneur to another legal status. At the moment I have the following yearly expenses:

  • Local 3,360
  • local insurance 100
  • marketing 300
  • telephone / website / supplies 600

I don’t earn the maximum for a profession liberale (English teacher) probably about 16,000 but this year I would like to buy for the business some new office equipment and a company car. I do expect to earn more this year as I have more clients but not as much as the threshold. Is it worth changing status?

I’m not sure if it makes a difference but in the 16,000 a year, about 50% comes from my own clients, where of course I don’t charge them VAT and the other part comes from work that is subcontracted to me on an AE basis.

I hope this is not too confusing but would it be possible to have both? Keep AE status for my subcontracted work and an other structure for my clients and expenses?


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