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My wife and I have been taking the online course SPI en ligne, devenez entrepreneur 2.0 - SPI en ligne parcours Artisan avec local commercial 2017.

We were told that this course covered the Aide De Domicile role: Part time housekeeper and Cleaner. 
In fact this is a generic course costing €251 and contains a significant number of videos and flash slide shows. Each video or slide show requires the answering of multiple questions in order to continue to the next level.

We have found the content to be of a high educational level and deals in Financial Planning, Profit and Loss accounting, How to Obtain Loans from The Bank, Legal requirements, Drafting of Legal Company Statutes, Insurance, How to layout your shop for the best result renting or purchasing premises. The tax system for your job, Invoicing, unpaid invoices, negotiating with suppliers, Time management and finally Hiring of employees.
We have attempted to complete the course but the never ending questions and the education level of the content have taken significant time along with the translation required to understand some of the questions.  We have looking at our content requested, what we thought was for fair reasons, for an extension. We can have one: for a further €50.

So please anyone thinking of becoming a simple cleaner, providing housekeeping services, ironing in France be aware of the following:
The Chambre De Metiers:

  1. Do not respect the requirement for self employed Part Time cleaners and choose not to understand it when put to them.
  2. They expect anyone working in France to have a minimum education level above GCSE grade C.
  3. They have been sold a generic course designed for top end of their workers: i.e. the creation of a business, within premises, with loans and with employees.

We have a meeting on Thursday about our course, we shall be asking how this course it fit for the purpose we requested.

Oh and by the way: Follow the route of a Web designer you can have a SIRET number and Social Security Number within weeks, no course, no money just fill in the form.

So the warning is STAGE training is not what it was 2 years ago and Chambre De Metiers are happy to take your money not assist people in creating a living.

Shame no one told us.

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