Best legal structure for a new online business - USA and France

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I’m currently an auto-entrepreneur in France in a craft related business, but want to set up a new business for a new venture, together with my husband and daughter.  My daughter is currently an employee in a French business but will work on this part time until it takes off.  The new business will involve buying wholesale products and selling via Amazon online - and is expected to be doing these activities in the USA only.  We will be setting up an LLC in the USA as we’ll need to register with the IRS (but not pay taxes there).  The business should (hopefully) build up over the next few months and will involve a large turnover.  Any initial profits are likely to be reinvested to buy stock.  There will be setting up costs and also initial investment in stock.

Could you please advise on what we should set up here in terms of business structure?

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