Auto-entrepreneur being shut down because of no activity

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Hi Valerie, Last week I received a letter from Urssaf saying my (infographiste) business would automatically shut down due to no income for many months. This is accurate. I will be moving back to the States in September, but would like to add a different code to use for work until I leave.
My questions are:

  1. I have unfortunately misplaced this letter from Urssaf. Can I reply by sending a general letter to Urssaf asking them to please not shut down my auto-entrepreneur status as I am in the process of adding a new code and expect revenue on my next declaration from this new activity?
  2. Should I send the paperwork to add this code with the letter?
  3. As a personal shopping guide, I think I would be ‘Accompagnateur’—Is this correct? If so, could you please confirm the code I should use?
  4. If I didn’t add this code and just let the business shut down, what would happen to my heath insurance? (RSI Harmonie Mutuelle)

Many thanks!

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