Time needed to receive registration papers for a business in France?

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After founding an accountant back in May, I proceeded to register my enterprise during the same month. Le siege social was provided by Regus. The accountancy company told me that it will take one-two months to have me registered. These passed and I have still not received anything.

The accountant keeps telling me I should receive the papers on the address of my siege social and so far nothing was received there, just some letters from Klesia and RSI.

I can search online on Avis Situation SIRENE  or Info Greffe  and see that I have a SIRET number (Inscription au répertoire SIRENE : 05/2017). On this later site they say there are no official documents due non inscrits au Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés.  May be because there is no KBIS for my legal form or something is missing?

Maybe it’s just me, but something does not sound right to me, like takes too long.I’ve been working around the globe, and this is by far the worst experience regarding time, especially since it does not sound like something very complicated as in other places, e.g. I’m getting into the third month paying for a siege sociale that is of no use.

It’s normal to take so long ? I’m thinking to go myself and verify in person what was done so far.

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