SARL SAS Business Registration

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We are registering a business under SARL or SAS. I have just been reading on this site that you cannot do the business registration more than 30 days before you’re ready to start trading, is this the case? I feel it is very risky to be doing all the costly business set up such as renting a premise and renovating, without even having the business registered.

Also, I need a way to be able to complete the Stage Prealable à l’Installation (SPI) without speaking enough French. I’m sure other people must have had this problem. Do you have any ideas? I notice it is available online in my region, with a presentation at the end. Do you think I could take a translator with me for the presentation?

Also, you previously mentioned a business plan. Is this a requirement to register, and if so, what must it include?
Many thanks Valerie!

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