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I have contacted you about relocating our business in the UK to France. I would like to set up an auto-entrepreneur and take on my wife’s clients as a sole trader.

  1. Do we need to have applied for residency before setting up auto-entrepreneur (UK Brexit applications do not start until October 19th and we will not have been continuously resident in France for the statutory 3 months until the end of October).
  2. Looking at your auto-entrepreneur application form, there is a section under Your Health Cover which asks are you currently employed, do you receive a state pension and do you have a French Social Security number. Since I am self-employed (re UK) at the moment do I answer yes? Also I receive a UK State pension, do I answer yes? We both have French TIN? tax numbers (we have owned a property in France for 3 years now) and are these the same as a Social Security number?

We both have S1 forms from the UK, and will be applying to register with CPAM at the end of the month, although, if I am successful registering for an auto-entrepreneur, this may be irrelevant for myself.

Thank you for your help.

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