Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur group session is open (until 28/02)

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I’m excited to announce that doors to the group session of Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur are now open until 28th February at midnight. I’m going to be taking a new group of 20 freelancers to help them with their micro entrepreneur over the next 4 months.

1 - What is Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur is a 10-step process to help new freelancers in France set up and manage the admin side of their business. This online course includes a mix of pre-recorded videos released every 2 weeks, a monthly live Q&A session with me, as well as a monthly Meet the Expert session to help you gain confidence with your French business.

Over a period of 4 months, you will learn to sort your French paperwork and forms, set up your business online accounts, complete your turnover declaration, as well as get clear on invoicing rules, bookkeeping, banking and taxes.

2 - Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur’s 10 steps approach

Being a freelancer, you are busy working for your customers, before working for yourself. Having little time to handle confusing information, with no clear process to follow can be stressful.

This is when I come in and walk you through a clear path of 10 steps to learn and understand what you are supposed to be doing! Get ready to follow my bite-size video explanations and how-to guides to steadily build confidence with your French business.

Watch the videos and pause it, while you create your online accounts or declare your turnover in another window in your web browser. Download the PDF slides to read it later or to keep a summary of each module on your computer. 

3 - Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur Modules

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur is divided into 10 modules to allow you to build on your French admin skills:

  • Module #1 - Objectives 
  • Module #2 - Getting started
  • Module #3 - Getting organised
  • Module #4 - Handling paper forms
  • Module #5 - Let's talk about taxes 
  • Module #6 - Creating your online accounts
  • Module #7 - Bookkeeping & turnover declaration
  • Module #8 - Filling your French income tax as Micro Entrepreneur 
  • Module #9 - Becoming VAT registered
  • Module #10 - Coming out of the Micro Entrepreneur 

Watch the course intro and full curriculum here

4 - What’s new in this group session of Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur

The course will be updated with new changes implemented in 2023, including new social charges, VAT and turnover threshold. It will also include two key changes.

==> New: 1 extra month of support

Based on requests from previous students, I have added one extra month of support. Paperwork and health documents take a while to arrive, so it's nice to know that you can still ask me your questions in the meantime - ensuring that everything is still on track. As well as being able to ask me what to do if it isn't.

==> New module: Filing your French income tax form for your Micro Entrepreneur income

This group session will take place for the French income tax season “impot sur le revenu” in May! I’ll show you which forms to get and how to declare your Micro Entrepreneur’s income. If you created your business in 2022, you don’t want to miss out on this! I’ll also introduce you to a French accountant if you need help with the rest of your personal tax declaration.

5 - What do freelancers enjoy most in the course

Based on feedback from previous students, the key benefit of joining Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur course include:

  • Having support for 4 months and knowing that you can ask questions at any time.
  • Being in a community of expat freelancers going through the same process as you.
  • Learning from other student’s questions and feedback.
  • Knowing that you are on track with your French admin.
  • Being able to tick boxes and seeing the progress made. 
  • Feeling confident about your business and understanding your taxes.
  • Peace of mind.

Join Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur now.

Don’t miss out on your chance to join the next group session of  Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur. Doors are closing on 19th February at midnight.

6 - How much does it cost

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur costs 347€ as a one-off payment or 4 monthly installments of 90€. This gives you life access to the course + 4 live Q&A sessions with me + 4 Meet the Expert sessions + the private Facebook group to ask your questions.

Still not sure this course is right for you? Book a 30-mins discovery call with me.

Manage Your Micro Entrepreneur group session is open (until 28/02)

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