Doors to My French Business course are open

By Valérie Aston on 23 May 2023 · Viewed 686 times · Questions

I’m excited to announce that doors to the group session of My French Business are open until 1st June at midnight. Over the next 4 months,  I’m going to be taking a new group of 15 “students” to help them build their dream business project in France.

1 - What is My French Business

My French Business Course is a step-by-step guide to help you structure and prepare for your future business in France. Turn your idea into a strong business plan, check the French regulations, choose a legal structure that makes sense, create a financial plan and finally understand French taxes.

With My French Business course, you will go from feeling lost and frustrated with the French system, to being confident about choosing the right setup for you, understanding your business taxes, while having a clear path to follow up to your business registration.

By the end of this course, you will have a structured business plan ready for your business visa or carte de sejour application. 

You'll also feel assertive and optimistic about how to set up and run your business once in France. Giving you peace of mind for a fresh start.  

2 - Who is My French Business for

  • You plan to move in France in 2023 or 2024 and want to freelance or create a small business.
  • You are a non-European citizen needing to prepare a business & financial plan for your business visa or carte de sejour application.
  • You are living in France and have a dream project, but you're feeling overwhelmed with the lack of clear information in plain English.

3 - My French Business Modules

I’ve used my 8-step roadmap to create a business in France, in order to build this course. Only this time, I’m going into the nitty-gritty to simplify things for you. Here are the 8 modules: 

     1️⃣   Vision & Objectives.

     2️⃣   Choosing the best business idea.

     3️⃣   Checking French rules & regulations.

     4️⃣   Writing your business plan.

     5️⃣   French legal structure & taxes.

     6️⃣  Creating a Financial Plan.

     7️⃣  Preparing for you visa/carte de sejour application.

     8️⃣  Your 1st steps in France.

4 - What’s new in this group session of My French Business

The course is updated with new changes implemented in 2023, including new social charges, VAT and turnover threshold. It will also include two key changes.

  • New: 1 extra month of support

The group meets on Zoom for a monthly live Q&A session with me. This is an opportunity to ask all the questions that are slowing you down with your project. I’ll answer any topic linked to rules, taxes, set up, timescale, visa and strategy. As this session is happening over the summer, I’m adding an extra month of support. 

  • New: Business visa application + 1st steps in France

The module on business visa and carte de sejour was developed with the last group. It will be updated with changes made in 2022-2023 and feedback from previous students. The last module on “First steps in France” is designed to give you missions to accomplish once it France! It will make your life easier by knowing what to focus your efforts on. I’ve also added a new “Personal Budget Sheet”, which will help you work on your personal budget for France. 

5 - What do freelancers enjoy most in the course

Based on feedback from previous students, the key benefits of joining My French Business course include:

  • Having support for 4 months and knowing that you can ask questions at any time.
  • Being in a community of future expat freelancers going through the same process as you.
  • Learning from other student’s questions and feedback.
  • Knowing that you are on track with your French project.
  • Being able to tick boxes and seeing the progress made. 
  • Feeling confident about your future business and understanding your taxes.
  • Peace of mind.

Join My French Business now.

Don’t miss out on your chance to join the next group session of My French Business. Doors are closing on 1st June at midnight. And it won’t be back before 2024!

6 - How much does it cost

My French Business costs 498€ as a one-off payment or 3 monthly instalments of 166€. This gives you life access to the course + 4 live Q&A sessions with me + 4 Meet the Expert sessions + the private Facebook group to ask your questions.

Still not sure this course is right for you? Book a 25-mins discovery call with me.

Doors to My French Business course are open

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