Which regime SASU or EURL for events company

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I have an auto-entrepreneur at the moment, but I need to charge expenses.
I would like to open either a SASU or an EURL/EIRL or other régime ( prof libérale ?) but am unclear on their benefits to me.
I am covered with my carte vitale from my auto-entrepreneur and I have a mutuelle under my husband’s SAS
I am not immediately concerned with high pension contributions
I am not interested in employing anyone, ( they will be freelance)
I can take the funds as dividends if necessary, ( is this still worth it as rate has changed I believe?)
I am happy to be TVA registered
I am concerned that I will be hit with high social charges if I have not earned very much?
I am concerned that the charges and taxes will make me uncompetitive !
Your advice would be very much appreciated.

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