Taux en percentage for URSSAF?

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One of the things this meeting brought to my attention was that I now realise that the money I’m paying to URSSAF every trimester is actually social contributions and not tax as I naïvely thought. After reading around online this has got me a little worried because the amount I’m paying on my ‘Déclaration Trimestrielle de Chiffre D’Affaires’ is 22.5% for ‘Activities relevant de la CIPAV’ (code de gestion 688) as well as an additional 0.20% for formation.

My business is still relatively new in France and I’m not actually earning much money so 22.7% of my turnover does seem rather high if I’m also going to be paying tax on that income. I’m likely to be paying over 40% in tax and charges - is this correct?

Just to remind you of my situation - I’m registered under the Micro-Entrepreneur régime as a Professeur de Guitare (complete with SIRET etc.) and also separately as an ‘Auteur’ for work I do as a composer (something the impôt people seemed terribly confused about, but that’s a separate issue!) I’m currently in the process of joining AGESSA for my Auteur contributions but I don’t want to be paying too much money on my URSSAF contributions.

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