Setting up as graphic artist-layouts in France

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My fiancé (soon to be husband) is a graphic designer/art director doing layouts. He makes around 10 thousand dollars a year. His clients will be mostly from outside of France. What would be the smartest setup for him? Should we set him up as an auto entrepreneur? To keep things simple?

We just wanted to make sure he could be covered by Social security and also save some money for retraite etc. I was advised that we should open a micro BNC but the paperwork seemed a bit complex to us, and we were worried about the accounting that it would suddenly become costly and paperwork as well for a micro BNC. Is this correct?

Is it better to be an auto entrepreneur and not Micro BNC? I will also be opening a EURL and we were thinking maybe he could even be on my health insurance, and then he could even bill the jobs to my company if it made it easier and simplify accounting. We just wanted the best set up that he could gain enough credit to be covered for health care when we are older and still living in France.

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