Retirement entitlement for an auto entrepreneur in France

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My wife and I are both auto entrepreneurs. We started in 2009 when we moved to France. I am a motoring journalist, 9003B other arts (actually a motoring journalist) and my wife is 9001Z Performing Arts. I can retire next year in August 2018 and claim my full UK pension. She can retire in April 2018 and claim her full UK pension.

I am trying to find out what sort of French pension - if any - we can expect with our auto-entrepreneur.  I believe that we have to work for 40 trimestres (10 years) in order to qualify? However, it is very difficult to work out what we would get.

The point is this; my wife’s business in the UK is very difficult at the moment; if her pension is going to be a reasonable amount, she will continue with it and carry on until 2019. BUT if the pension will be very small, she will finish her business now.

I have seen various sites talking about points etc., but they are not clear. Can you confirm how we work out what the pension would be, please?

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