Maternity leave and The CAF PreParE

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Hello again Valerie,

I gave birth to a little boy in October, and with the micro entrepeneur system I had maternity leave until the end of November. After this I had planned on using the CAF PreParE until the end of February. I started the PreParE process the 1st December and they have just come back to me and asked for 2 things
1. - une attestation de l’organisme d’assurance vieillesse justifiant d’au moins 8 trimestres de cotisations validés à titre personnel pour Lisa STEPHENSON
2. - la copie du justificatif de radiation au régime des indépendants (RSI, artistes auteurs…) pour Lisa STEPHENSON , en effet votre conjointe doit être radiée de son activité pour que l’on puisse étudier son droit à la prestation partagée d’éducation de l’enfant (PreParE)

The first request is fine but for the second request I don’t have this document. After my own research I have seen I need to have put my company on ‘stand by’.  Is it possible to ‘mettre en sommeil’ a micro entreprise/ AE? If so can it be backdated? Can I apply for the PreParE without this document?

Thanks AGAIN for your wonderful help

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