How and where to register my gite business as an auto-entrepreneur?

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My wife and I were declaring income from gites as non residents in France since June 2015, as a micro entrepreneur.  We have now decided to move to France, and are not sure what to do next.  I received a tax d’habitation statement that did not include the gites, so I went to the local tax office. 

They asked me to complete a Declaration de Debut d’activite, which resulted in a letter from Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce, informing me Ce dossier étant COMPLET concernant : création d’une entreprise individuel en meublé.  I also received a SIREN and SIRET number - 6820A Location de logements.  I contacted CPAM to register for health cover, but they advised me that I needed to register with RSI.  I have tried to register with RSI, but was eventually advised to:

  1. Register with the Chamber of Commerce,
  2. Go to the tax office to obtain a date for commencement of activity,
  3. I needed form A1 from my previous EU country of residence.

I returned to the tax office, and they advised me I could not register my gite income as a business (annual income approx €16,000 which is more than half our total income, the remainder from the UK).  So I have not as yet been to the Chamber of Commerce.  The A1 form also appears to be for posted employees, and does not appear relevant, as I was economically inactive in my previous EU country of residence since 2015 (hence buying the gites!). We are going round in circles, and are getting very stressed.  Please can you help?

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