Foot health practitioner - getting qualifications checked in France

Little bird
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I am a qualified and insured Foot Health Practitioner in England. My parents have lived in Brittany for past 15 years and I feel it’s time to join them.

My fear is that France will not recognise my qualifications. I have no idea how to get them reviewed either,  is what I’m looking to find out first.

At the moment I work domsiliarly going around to individuals homes to treat them at home, I would like to do an element of this in France as well as set up some form of clinic from my new home, in an attached space.

Also, will brexit mean I have to get a work permit from March 2019? I would really like to be in France and set up before this time, does this mean I won’t need further permits if I get there before the deadline?

Clearly I have a lot to sort out in a shore space if time, but every journey starts with the first step so here we go!

Thank you

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