First 2042 C Pro Form for auto-entrepreneur

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Hi Valerie
I set up as an auto-entrepreneur in August 2017. However, I have done an online annual household 2042 declaration for previous years as declarant 2. My questions are:

  1. Do I need to download and complete a paper copy of 2042 C Pro and post it back, as it is my first 2042 C Pro form? Or can I do it online as an annex to our household 2042 form? I have not received a paper copy of 2042 C Pro yet.
  2. On 2042 C Pro – am I declarant 1 or 2? Considering I am declarant 2 on 2042. I am the only auto-entrepreneur, my husband’s status and declaration remains the same as the previous years. I want to ensure the harmonization of all the tax forms.

Many thanks.

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