Confusion regarding TVA declaration for incorporated business in France

Mike L
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I have a French limited company and I believe I am registered for TVA.

I am an Internet/affiliate marketer. I get paid from centralised affiliate networks like for commission on sales that I generate for various retailers.

I also have 1 client in the UK that I charge monthly for my marketing services.

Question 1 - If I charge £500 a month to them, do I need to start adding 20% TVA on top?

My company was only recently setup. I’ve also only just received my debit card and confirmation my bank account has been verified, so I have yet to send/receive payments from my French business bank account this year.

I have received a letter from Service Impots Des Enterprises asking for my TVA declaration for the first quarter.

Question 2 - Do I need to do anything? I can’t find on the letter where I am meant to declare my TVA which is up until now 0 Euros as I’ve not actually received/sent any payments.


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