AE, SASU or EURL for consulting activity

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Hi Valerie,

I am just in the process of starting a new career as a freelance consultant providing advice and assistance on climate change topics to large industry and international organisations. As I was made redundant from my previous job I am entitled to chomage while I set my new business up.

My main question is if I should choose AE, EURL or SASU to operate under.

My situation is:

  • I would definitely not exceed the new AE CA threshold of 70000 for at least the first year.
  • I will not have any major expenses, as I will be working from home and providing only advisory services.
  • I will need to have an income during the year and can’t wait until the end of the year for dividends.
  • I am keen to keep my business as simple as possible and also ensure that I can easily manage any income I make in line with my chomage benefits.
  • I should also be able to benefit from ACCRE which will help to reduce social charges during the first year.
  • I am also open to changing status from AE to EURL/SASU at a later stage if this makes sense.

Additional questions are:
As I am unlikely to incur any business debts, is there a simple way to avoid my family home being treated as a professional asset under the AE status (Is my home only at risk in the case of debt issues or also in the case of litigation for malpractice)?
Is there any way under the AE status to manage monthly income other than through invoicing/client payment methods and scheduling?

Many thanks in advance for your kind advice,


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